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Pisces Full Moon and Eclipse: React or Respond?

Last Updated: 09/21/2016 9:01 am
Photo by Amanda Painter
  • Photo by Amanda Painter
Dear Chronogram Reader: Are you feeling the tension? I sure am. Not only are we getting close to the Pisces Full Moon on Friday (exact at 3:05 pm EDT), but that Full Moon will also be a penumbral lunar eclipse: the Moon will pass through the outer ring of the Earth’s shadow, called the penumbra, dimming slightly. More importantly, it will make rather intense astrological aspects to other planets.

We all have different tolerance levels for frustration, different ways of releasing or dispersing it. Some people are great at letting a little pressure out of the proverbial tire gradually, consciously and proactively — to prevent a blowout. Others get caught up in waiting for ‘just the right moment’, unwittingly giving the pressure a chance to reach the red zone and pop, seemingly out of nowhere.

I’m actually writing this on Wednesday, and already today I’ve seen two friends write about how they’re finally learning the difference between ‘reacting’ and ‘responding’, why it matters, and how to avert the former and choose the latter. It occurred to me that it’s more than coincidence: it’s an integral part of the message of the Full Moon and eclipse.

The Sun is currently in late Virgo (in one week it will enter Libra for the equinox). On Friday, the Moon will oppose it from Pisces, conjunct centaur object Chiron.

Leading up to a Full Moon people often experience high interpersonal tension anyway, such as an impasse or confrontation. Chiron conjunct the Moon ups the sensitivity level of an already very sensitive Moon placement. This could feel like ‘too much’ psychically or emotionally. Yet, Chiron calls attention to needed points of healing; opposite the Sun, you might feel called to express that need more than you would normally.

Meanwhile, Mars and centaur object Pholus are making a conjunction in late Sagittarius — exactly square the Sun, Moon and Chiron. This is a called T-square.

Essentially Mars and Pholus are hanging out in the metaphorical front yard of the Galactic Core, our galaxy’s ‘cosmic homing signal’. Think of Mars-Pholus as the buddies in the yard who’ll light the grill and really get the party started: if they stay tuned into their host’s — the GC’s — intention, everyone gets fed and it’s a beautiful evening. If they hit the booze too hard, things could get out of hand and, next thing you know, the police or fire department are pulling into the drive.

In other words, consciously using your intention to guide whatever you begin this week toward the higher good is key. Squares generally are felt as internal pressure to take action, so choose carefully which genie you let out of the bottle.

All of this suggests you’ve been feeling it inside and out this week, and that’s rarely fun. Especially on top of Mercury retrograde in Virgo (only one more week until it stations direct!), which can be frustrating all on its own; hopefully you’re encountering valuable insights to make up for the SNAFUs. But there is a way through it all.

Two weeks ago, with the companion solar eclipse, I emphasized doing a little of what you love, setting new patterns and stepping into opportunities and synchronicities. I’d say that advice still holds, but I’d urge you not to get caught up in feeling like you ‘must make this count’, because that is likely to create more pressure. We’re already in the midst of astrology that’s chock-full of potential emotional triggers.

The name of the game is to look for the moments when you’re feeling calm, and express yourself then — rather than when you’re at the height of feeling triggered. The ability to do that requires using your head when your emotions (or ego) threaten to charge off. It asks for your lungs and heart and shoulders to relax a moment. It asks you to notice whether your mind feels chaotic, or whether it feels alive with constructive, creative potential.

As my two friends describe, ‘responding’ rather than ‘reacting’ takes mindfulness and practice. You may not get it ‘right’ all the time, since we humans rarely do. But you can prepare a little as we approach the Full Moon and eclipse:

What can you do that respects your sensitivity? Who in your life is positively responsive to that?

What (and who) affirms your faith in your ability to set your life in motion and to follow through toward your goals?

What (and who) offers you ways to put your ideas to constructive work, and to serve a larger purpose?

What will allow you to discern the answers? Responding, rather than reacting, may be a good place to start.

Yours & truly, Amanda Painter

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