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Pisces for October 2015



You have recently passed through one phase of an initiation which had the effect of demonstrating your commitment to the truth. I don't mean The Truth in some mystical sense, but rather your commitment to what you know. This initiation will last for a while, and proceed as you take on ever-greater challenges in the world. I suggest you consciously embrace and love every minute, day, week and month of it. As a Pisces you tend to take things on faith. This, however, creates some famously skeptical people, who are in reaction. I suggest you view the faith versus fact issue as an equation where both sides will eventually balance. If something is valid and authentic, it will probably stand up both to a test of faith and also to an examination of the data. Probably, but not definitely. There are times when a set of facts will point to an absurd conclusion, and times when faith will bear out a point of view that is otherwise not supported by known reality. You must therefore be gentle and avoid coming to quick conclusions. The beauty of your sign is that it grants the ability to be circumspect, which means to look around the whole circle of existence. Keep an open mind, and pay attention to what both your senses and your intuition tell you. In general, pay attention.

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