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Pisces for July



Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Make the most of every situation in your life. Make the most of every day. Involve yourself in what you do with full commitment. As you do this over the next few weeks, certain people and scenarios are going to have the sensation of opening the way to the future. There are no guarantees, but you will feel that resonance, and it's worth noticing when you do. Meanwhile, the personal security question that has been nagging you the past two months or so is now coming to a head. You have a decision to make about what is really in your best interests. Before you get there, you have to decide what your best interests really are. This would be a good place to pause, so that you give yourself some time to assess your priorities. You're at one of those junctures where you must update your files and make sure that every goal you have is really something you still want. Don't be afraid to decide that something is no longer working for you. Be bold about what options you have to get things working better. Through this process, you will need to be responsive to your own inner feedback. More than that, keep your focus on your creative and erotic impulses. They contain the most valuable information about what you want, and what actually offers you some grounding and stability. Remember: Listen to yourself.

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