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Phoenicia: The Secret of the Catskills


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He holds the community element of his store in very high regard. Fliegel chuckles while knowingly leaving 60 Main’s front door unlocked to show the upstairs studio space to a visiting artist. “I haven’t been ripped off yet,” he chuckles. “When I get ripped off then I’ll be uncomfortable.”

The inherent close-knit atmosphere of this two-block community encourages a certain amount of trust and a special kind of relationship among neighbors. “The cast of characters you grow up with in a small town—when we need each other we all pull together,” says Ricciardella. “It’s kind of like family.”

Bartender Quick adds: “On Friday and Saturday I usually end up driving a few people home. I don’t want to see anyone getting hurt.”

City life is distant in Phoenicia considering its rustic atmosphere and colorful cast. However businesses are lively, tourists are socially active and full-time residents consider their respective places in the community to be of importance. Pillard says that he “impact[s] a small community in a positive way” when catering to Phoenicia’s blend of inhabitants. “You play an important part of the vibrancy of the community.”

The Arts Upstairs
Babytoes Clothing
Belleayre Mountain
Catskill Mountain Railroad
Emerson Resport & Spa
Empire State Railway Museum
Homer and Langley’s Mystery Spot
Hunter Mountain
Sweet Sue’s (845) 688-7852
The Tender Land Home
Town of Shandaken
Town Tinker Tube Rental


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