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sometimes my grandson Demetrios is a penguin
he loves that they are sleek and fast in the water
and loves how they walk all awkward and stiff legged on ice
and if you didn’t know he was a penguin you’d think he was a cripple
sometimes he’s a chinstrap penguin and sometimes an emperor penguin
gobbling down fish and squid and that’s all right with him
since he loves fish especially lox but only the good stuff that’s 50 bucks a pound
but there are days when Demetrios is a leopard seal
leopard seals eat penguins when they can catch them
and they do catch them or else they would die out
which is a valuable lesson in life whether you’re a grownup or three and a half years old
he’s no fool and is already learning the world is not a safe place or easy to figure out
so sometimes he’s a leopard seal but mostly a penguin
he’s hedging his bets and I believe he’s on the right side on that one
because if I can’t figure out what it’s all about or what the meaning of life is
and I’m almost 74 how can you expect a little kid to get it
anyway the answer to all that existential angst if there is an answer is life itself
which I think explains why people have kids at all especially in hard times
because if there is no life there wouldn’t be an answer or even a question
Demetrios says AARGH! but that’s when he’s a peg legged pirate

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