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Parting Shot: Tasha Depp


Hair/Weed Synthesis - TASHA DEPP
  • Tasha Depp
  • Hair/Weed Synthesis

Two young boys, laughing, painted on the surface of a weathered toilet seat cover. A small, green weed, brushed onto a crushed, white jug. These are the works of Catskill artist Tasha Depp, whose paintings and drawings examine quotidian images from nature and explore, in her own words, "vision in both a physical and ideological sense." Looking at one of her pieces we see what is, at face value, a plastic piece of trash—but we are invited to consider where it came from, who left it there, and how we determine what is ready to be thrown away. Depp creates art that carefully evaluates the relationship of humans to their environments, subtly commenting on patterns of consumption and management of waste. Her process is conscious of this relationship; rather than typical, destined-for-the-archives canvases, she opts for found alternatives—a cereal box or the visor of a motorcycle helmet. Depp's hands are never at rest, drawing or painting with whatever tools she may have on hand, be they a sketchbook and pen or digital tablet.

Tasha Depp has exhibited her work across the Hudson Valley, New England, and New York City. Her first solo show, "Connected Vision," will run July 5 through September 1 at the Greene County Council on the Arts Catskill Gallery, and will display a series of the artist's drawings, paintings, and occasional syntheses of the two. "Ad Infinitum," a group installation co-curated by Depp, will be on display alongside the exhibit. Depp's show opens July 12 with a reception from 5 to 7pm, on Main Street in Catskill. (518) 943-3400;

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