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Orange is the New Black 

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Thomas Smith gives you a taste of Orange, including Prima Pizza in Cornwall, West Point Military Academy, and Newburgh residents.
OF 31
Cornwall offers some of the finest views of Newburgh from the Hudson
Tommy Gilligan
Members from the West Point Fire Department and The 2nd Aviation Detachment in live body hoist training
Mike Strasser/USMA PAO
Roughly 80 Class of 2017 cadets and several yearlings enrolled in the Advanced General Chemistry course participated in research projects in toxicology, analytical chemistry and chemical engineering this semester.
Owen Basher airs it out in Cornwall
Wolfang Aguilar and Mario Labanal watch a soccer match in Newburgh
Tina Kearney, Joey Taylor, and Zoe Oliveras work on a big pizza order at Prima Pizza in Cornwall
Al Ostrander, David Skala, and Shawna Dolan atop Storm King Mountain in Cornwall
Abby Pryne and her brother make an adjustment to the lure before cast in Cornwall
Fishing for sunnies
Oscar Montoya tricks his opponant at a friendly soccer match in Newburgh
Alejandro Perez
Tyler Dilello determined to make a catch
Dillon Merola making pies at Prima Pizza in Cornwall
Merola spreading oil, garlic, and parmesan
Iconic clock in the center of Cornwall business district
Joe Syvertsen kickflips outside of the Cornwall Elementary School in the old high school building
Syvertsen pulls a trick off the ledge
Joe Taylor and Tina Kearney inside Prima Pizza
John Collins in Newburgh
John Dennis playing with dinosaurs at the 2 Alice's Coffee Lounge in Cornwall
John Santiago on Broadway in Newburgh
Jorge Cornejo on Broadway in Newburgh
Marie Burgos and her son Alejandro in Newburgh
Napolean Freeman in Newburgh
Mr. Dennis in 2 Alice's Coffee Lounge
Owen Basher ollies outside Cornwall Middle School
Basher and Syvertsen keepin it real
Pizzas can be shipped anywhere in the country from Prima Pizza in Cornwall
Tina Kearney takes a pepperoni and steak pizza out of the oven
The breathtaking view of the Hudson Valley from the Storm King Mountain in Cornwall
Jake Pryne gets ready to cast out for a fish
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Cornwall offers some of the finest views of Newburgh from the Hudson

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