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On the Cover: Jazz-minh Moore


Last Updated: 08/13/2013 4:12 pm

Jazz-minh Moore was born on a hippie commune in Oregon and raised on an isolated dirt road near San Diego with no television or radio. Most of her childhood was spent painting in an art studio her mother created in a cubbyhole under the stairs. She was raised to be a hardcore environmentalist but was drawn to the ambitious city life and currently resides in Greenwich Village.

The cover image, My Little Heile Welt (meaning “my little perfect world”), portrays Moore’s close friend Uli. The text in the painting was derived from Uli’s Facebook comments and status updates, which Moore found representative of her humorous and outgoing personality. The portrait of Uli is based on a photo seesion where Moore took 40 photographs without looking in the viewfinder. She then picked the one that felt the most authentic, capturing Uli’s chaos and wildness in frozen moment. “It feels very natural. It feels like the forces of this planet are actually affecting this person,” Moore says.

Moore’s work is currently on view through December 4 at Windham Fine Arts in Windham, part of the “Off the Grid” exhibition. A closing reception will be held on December 4 from 5-7pm. Moore will also be a part of the “Gutbox” exhibition opening on November 23 at Y Gallery in New York City. Portfolio: www.jazzminh.com.

Jazz-minh moore | acrylic and resin on birch | 12" x 22.5"  | 2010
  • Jazz-minh moore | acrylic and resin on birch | 12" x 22.5" | 2010

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