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Of Earth and Fire


Kingston farmer’s market.
  • Eric Francis Coppolino
  • Kingston farmer’s market.

The Sun is now in Virgo, and Mars—at long last—is in Leo.

Mars moving from Cancer to Leo this past Tuesday is one of those palpable energetic changes—Mars is more free to be itself in a fire sign, and less prone to emotional insecurity. Yet it cautions a need for pacing oneself on the way to fulfilling one's ambitions.

Mars in Leo is working its way toward three noteworthy aspects in the coming days: an opposition to asteroid Juno (which may be a push for fairness in relationships, and social justice in other forms), a square to Saturn (direct your energy consciously, and work out your emotional insecurities) and a square to the lunar nodes (make your own turning point—one is necessary).

Virgo, the great cosmic computer, is providing plenty of food for thought. The Sun has been there for nearly a week, bringing some of the caution necessary to temper Mars in Leo. There are actually four major points in Virgo at the moment, including the Sun: dwarf planet Ceres, hypothetical planet Transpluto and Mercury.

That's an image of thinking on many different levels, including integrating the realm of feelings into your thoughts. That's another way of saying Ceres in Virgo is about slowing down and noticing how different experiences make you feel, including how you feel when you eat food. Food is psychoactive; it influences us emotionally and mentally. This is an invitation to notice.

The Virgo New Moon is Sept. 5. It makes aspects to many influential and even powerful minor planets—among them Chiron, Pholus, Ixion, Borasisi and Chaos. These are not asteroids; they are centaurs and points in or near the region of Pluto. And they are rather precisely aligned, which means that a clear message is coming through.

Will you get the message? The New Moon chart is about maintaining enough intellectual objectivity so as not to be afraid to ask deep questions, and size up the answers honestly.

In the current edition of Planet Waves FM, I looked at the astrology of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech—which is a good introduction to 1960s astrology. I also look at the charts of the proposed war in Syria, as well as explaining why Miley Cyrus really does matter. That discussion is an excellent introduction to late 1980s and early 1990s astrology.

Note to Virgos—the Virgo birthday reading will soon be ready. This is an hour of astrology plus a tarot session. You can get it for the pre-order discount at this link. If you've never experienced one of my birthday readings, you're in for a treat.

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