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October Astrological Forecast



Powerful Pluto stations direct in Capricorn October 3, kicking off the month with positive celestial news.

After his five-plus-month retrograde, the lord of the underworld, the unconscious, the shadow, and the raw power of phoenix-like transformation is ready to march towards his rendezvous with lord of karma, Saturn, in mid-January. This isn't an army of Orcs marching from Mordor; it's the army of the resurrected, marching to the accompaniment of an angelic host. Pluto's retrograde journey, though painful, has purged remnants of selfishness and greed, transformed by the refiner's fire. The dross is skimmed away, and what is left is pure gold: a harvest of hope as we re-evaluate our relationship to power and powerlessness, the haves and the have-nots, our place in this world, and our responsibility for ourselves and one another.

Mercury and Venus enter deep, passionate Scorpio October 3 and 8, respectively. Secret communications, sub-rosa romance, and surprising alliances abound. Mars enters Libra October 4, pursuing cooperation in the name of harmony and peace, but not at the expense of justice or righteousness. Diplomacy is the best weapon at the Full Moon in Aries October 13: take caution against rash and impulsive moves. Mars in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn October 27, when the restrictive power of authority and the power to resist it may both display some original public manifestations. By the New Moon in Scorpio on October 28, desire—both personal and communal—will be strengthened and affirmed.

The hope we're harvesting during October is served up with a side of wisdom. Dish it out and ask for seconds if necessary. The time period between now and mid-January—and how we each use it to strengthen our personal foundation and communal ties—is a gift package with an expiration date. Don't squander a drop.

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