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Obama and the Galactic Leap


Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:44 pm

America loves a pure, comely daddy figure as its president. He has to be someone who’s had sex only as many times as he has legitimate, handsome children. He must have two adorable dogs he loves very, very much, and one very cute little kitty cat who is slightly standoffish but ultimately gets along with her canine friends. He must have a beautiful, magnificently poised wife whom he married in a church where he worships the right God. And he must be ready to order the cluster bombing of civilian populations the moment his advisors tell him that’s the right thing to do.

Are we ever going to get past this kind of idiocy, and plant our feet in truth and our hearts in our highest potential? What does the astrology say? The astrology says something. But if we’re not careful, we need to consider revising the elementary school social studies curriculum. To wit, based on recent history, we need to tell kids that we live in a democracy, therefore, whoever gets the fewest votes takes office.

Also, I must mention that I’m writing this article on August 12 (pushing my deadline as usual), and as of this writing, neither of the nominating conventions have happened (though the Republican National Convention begins on the issue date of this magazine, September 1). That chart is somewhat interesting, but it’s nothing compared to the chart for the Democratic National Convention. The DNC chart makes me nervous, though. It reminds me too much of the chart for the September 11 incident, which in turn reminds me of the chart for the earthquake that caused the Asian tsunami.

The problem could be solved by waiting about four hours to begin the convention, allowing the Moon to change signs. You might think this is superstition, but astrology is about understanding the nature of time. You don’t think it’s superstitious if a pilot aims for the runway while landing an airplane. That’s a matter of time as much as it is of space. Plunk a 777 down five seconds too early and you end up on the freeway. Touch down on the runway and everything is great. Astrology is not that different. You use it to navigate actual space-time and, in the process, you access dimensions of meaning and causation. Those are indeed places we need to be poking around in right now.

I have to get technical to explain the DNC chart’s similarities to September 11 and the tsunami, but it’s not so complicated, really. The Moon, a key player in anyone’s astrology (and that of most events), takes one month to go around the Earth. It moves through the sky at a rate of about 12 degrees a day (on average) or one degree every two hours. So the Moon occupies each degree of the zodiac for about two hours a month. Now that you’ve heard the word “degree,” I’m about to introduce you to arc minutes, which are divisions of a single degree by 60 (we need to be that precise in order to appreciate the beauty of this synchronicity). Everybody put on your tinfoil thinking cap.

In the September 11, 2001 chart for the moment Flight 11 struck the World Trade Center, the Moon was at 28 Gemini and 5 arc minutes (abbreviated 28 Gemini 05). When the earthquake struck Indonesia and wiped out a quarter of a million people, the Moon was at 28 Gemini 11. This has boggled my mind for years. In astrology you see a lot of weird coincidences, but not this weird. The Moon was a mere 1/10th of a degree apart for those two global events—two of the most significant events of the 21st century so far, and it’s been quite a little century.

What does this say? I am, by the way, one of the few people willing to blame the tsunami on corporate behavior; specifically, the combination of global warming and air-pressure oil drilling in Tasmania a few days before, which I think set off a knock effect. So in that respect, the tsunami may be a conspiracy akin to September 11; in my view, both are about the oil business.

Looking at the chart for 4pm on Monday, August 25, 2008 in Denver, Colorado, when the DNC opens, we find the Moon at 28 Gemini 38, about half a degree in distance from both September 11 and the tsunami; and, notably, occupying the same degree, 28+ Gemini. This is stunning and ominous. Were we considering the chart for any other campaign, or for a theater performance, it might not be so noticeable, so strange and deserving of so much consideration. But this is a very important election.

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