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November 2018 Astrology Forecast

Feelings in the Rearview Mirror: Closer Than They Appear


Last Updated: 11/05/2018 12:57 pm

Drive your life carefully to avoid whiplash from abrupt energetic shifts during November! The status quo is officially dead. Collective insecurities are exposed as we cast around for a firm foundation upon which to stand as everything we think we know about "reality" comes into question. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius/Scorpio from November 16 through December 6 asks, like Pontius Pilate: "What is Truth?" Venus direct in Scorpio after November 16 exposes the foundational facts behind stunning secrets of the intimate kind.

Combative Mars finally moves out of Aquarius, where he's been since mid-May, and into Pisces on November 15. The highest permutation of Mars in Pisces is the spiritual warrior, and the lowest is the victim/martyr. We'll see the entire broad spectrum of Mars in Pisces play out by the end of the year, enhanced by Jupiter's ingress into his home sign of Sagittarius on November 8. Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces in classical astrology, until the discovery of Neptune in 1846. Jupiter in Sagittarius "supersizes" Neptune as he stations Direct in his home sign of Pisces on November 24.

Are you good at walking on eggshells? Ultra-sensitive feelings in the rearview mirror are closer than they appear. Those straddling the high wire of delusional belief systems without a net of actual reality refuse to believe they're not on solid ground. The shift of the Lunar Nodes from Leo/Aquarius, where they've been since May 2017, to Cancer/Capricorn on November 17 refocuses our concerns from the dynamic tension between the individual and the collective to issues of security, both personal and public, emotional and institutional. If you've invested in developing your heart, your soul, and your consciousness, you'll ride the coming waves instead of being drowned by them. It's the last possible moment to learn how to swim!

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