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Nine Cakes Opens a Boutique Outpost in Hudson


  • Jen Huang
Ah, cake...the food of celebration and romance and memory-making. If you’re planning to mark a milestone or special occasion with a gathering, the perfect cake is probably part of the vision, and there’s nothing like a slice of superior cake to turn even a random moment tasty.

Nine Cakes, a boutique cake studio that’s won over Brooklyn and the wedding world in the since opening in 2008, is opening an outpost in Hudson, NY to serve the blossoming upstate wedding industry and to mark milestones in the everyday lives of local residents. Today, Friday, May 10,  master pastry chef Betsy Thorleifson will celebrate the grand opening of her Warren Street storefront, and everyone is invited to stop in for a cup of fresh coffee and a sample of the artful tiered cakes.

Thorleifson's tiered, custom cakes are made from scratch. Her baking alchemy transforms fresh, simple ingredients (butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and cream) into majestic works of edible art, that reflect the personality of the customer from flavor profile to visual aesthetic. The designs range from whimsical to understated elegance to romantic floral opulence. In her own words, Thorleifson is "always striving for a handcrafted look, with an eye for detail and well-balanced composition."
Thorleifson is known for the creativity of her process as well as the quality of her product. Her recipe for an occasion cake starts at least three months ahead of time when customers choose the flavors of cake and filling they'd like to sample from a lengthy menu, including special seasonal pairings.

Next is a by-appointment consultation and tasting session, at which customers will be asked about your vision and shown mouthwatering pictures. (Customers are welcome to bring along any inspiration images to will help to zero in on the vision.)
Nine Cakes uses the freshest all-natural ingredients to create moist, light, and not-too-sweet layers and airy Italian meringue buttercream to interpret your vision and create a cake that will exceed your expectations.
Want proof? It’s in the tasting. You can try a slice with your fresh coffee—or grab a whole cake for tonight's dessert, if you get there early enough. The new Nine Cakes can be found in Hudson at 748 Warren Street; they’re open Friday through Sunday, 9am-5pm.

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