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Newburgh, NY: Turning Point


Last Updated: 02/17/2020 10:11 am

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Roy R. Spells, Treasurer of the Newburgh Historical Society in Newburgh. - THOMAS SMITH
  • Thomas Smith
  • Roy R. Spells, Treasurer of the Newburgh Historical Society in Newburgh.

In downtown Newburgh, visitors can stroll through Downing Park. The park is filled with hills and valleys, streams, and a pond. If the park seems reminiscent of New York City's Central Park, there's a good reason. It was designed by the same team that laid out that park, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Like the city it is in, Downing Park has classic vintage beauty.

Doering, from Motorcyclepedia, is one of several people in Newburgh working to capitalize on Newburgh's beauty by attracting film productions. Earlier this year, Doering donated office space inside Motorcyclepedia to serve as a film office for the city. The office serves as a clearing house for producers interested in possibly filming in Newburgh. Doering is also the founder and president of Umbra of Newburgh, a mammoth film and television production facility that features a 16,500-square-foot sound stage. "We've had a few movies [at Umbra] over the last few years, including the independent movie Mi America, which was shot totally in Newburgh at the Umbra soundstage and on location within the city limits," Doering says. "A lot of the architecture does fit certain genres for the movie shoots."

Although Newburgh still has its rough patches and has had a troubled recent past, visitors quickly learn it's a classic city with a great deal going for it. For those who are willing to explore, Newburgh has much to offer.

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