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Poem: Morning Visitor



The sun shone through the glass, tossing light through the air
And bobbing like a cork in the midmorning sun
The King and Queen looked on in shock
Now there was a girl where there once was none.

What witchcraft is this? The King yelled, afraid
His legs turned to wet rags and he fainted.
Never fear, my dear! Said the iron hearted Queen,
This cathedral has not yet been tainted.

Come live with us, child, the Queen said with much haste,
A princess you'll be and a prince's hand you'll take!
Just climb down from that chair, as unseemly it is
Stop floating and leave it to break.

The girl stayed a-mute, and afloat in the chair.
The Queen clapped her hands, and a servant appeared
His clothes made of chessboards, face as blank as a wall,
Doused the King with a jug, who then popped up much cheered.

Yes, do join us, dear girl, added King to his wife
We have not a daughter to claim ours.
You'll have whatever you wish, whatever it 'tis
From a gold plated tray to a garden of flowers.

The girl listened to this, but stayed high as a plane
And looked into each of the bright faces
Pale sun filled up the room, and each minute dragged on
Would she thank King and Queen for their graces?

I'm so grateful to you, o kind Sir and good Miss
The girl said, in a voice like a bird's,
It's been such a long time since I met someone so
Very kind I can't put it to words.

But I'm sorry to say I can't take your request. I'm
Really finding travelling quite fun.
And she said Bye, goodbye, and Poof! Way she flies,
Out into the midmorning sun.

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