Catskill Farms Addresses the Upstate Housing Shortage with Affordable Smaller Homes
A Mini-Ranch by Catskill Farms
  • A Mini-Ranch by Catskill Farms

Anyone searching for a little slice of the Hudson Valley to call their own knows how difficult it can be to find. Real estate inventory in the region has declined in every county except Sullivan since 2016. When it comes to the available properties, there’s a shortage of reasonably priced new or well-maintained homes. It can seem like every home is either turnkey but too expensive or affordable but too much work.

According to Chuck Petersheim, owner of Sullivan County-based design/build firm Catskill Farms, that’s not just a problem for buyers but for sellers and builders too. “There just isn’t a lot available for buyers looking in the $275,000 to $350,000 range,” Petersheim says. “We experimented with building small homes under $350,000 between 2009 and 2012, but costs of labor and materials were high and we couldn’t make the pricing work well.”

A Mini-Barn by Catskill Farms
  • A Mini-Barn by Catskill Farms

According to Petersheim, that balance is finally tipping in the right direction. The cost of materials and labor has stabilized over the last couple of years, while home prices in the region have continued to rise. That means that Catskill Farms is ready to pick up right where they left off on a line of smaller, more affordable homes.

Interior of a Mini-Barn by Catskill Farms
  • Interior of a Mini-Barn by Catskill Farms

They’ve already completed a new mini-barn in Sullivan County, and two mini-ranches are currently under construction in Ulster County. The compact 800 to 900 square-foot layouts include two bedrooms or one bedroom plus a loft—just the right size for a weekend getaway in the country with a couple friends or the kids in tow. And just like the rest of Catskill Farms’ houses, they boast a trademark blend of rustic charm and minimalist, contemporary design.

Interior of a Mini-Ranch by Catskill Farms
  • Interior of a Mini-Ranch by Catskill Farms

“We’ve been trying to perfect that blend of style and affordability for two decades,” says Petersheim. “But I’m most proud when we can hit a lower price point with the same quality and privacy as our million-dollar deals.”

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