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Meat Your Match: Provisions Deli & Barb’s Butchery


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But opening a nose-to-tail butcher shop is not all beer and skittles. Not surprisingly, Fisher has done the math and she acknowledges the challenges inherent in this type of business. "Our success depends so much on the strength of the local economy—we can never compete with Stop & Shop or even Adams. We can never charge $3.99 for pork tenderloin—not from a pig that's been raised right." Fortunately, the rewards are equally clear. "I like taking a whole animal and turning it into something someone can eat for dinner and I love that I can feel really proud of the meat—it's just a truly good product," says Fisher.

Fisher's plans for the future of the shop include starting a "Second Sunday" pop-up, potentially developing a partnership with a local CSA, and offering a series of butchery classes. "I'd like to teach people things like basic knife skills and how to debone a chicken so that they can start buying whole birds and save some money. Plus, it's super satisfying," says Fisher.


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