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ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20)
Your fear may finally be pushing you someplace you need to be, making you aware of something you need to be aware of. Fear is indeed one of those things we have to put to productive use because there is so much of it in the world and in our minds. It is a potent form of energy. We run into problems when we stuff it, deny it, or cloak it in other colors and pretend it’s something else. In your chart at the moment, looking in the simplest context, there is a close relationship between the experience of having and the fear of loss. If we go deeper, there is a relationship between a radical idea, a push toward the future, and the surrender to the process of inevitable progress, all of which are bucking against values and priorities that seem fixed, refusing to move. But they are more mobile than you may be acknowledging; you are more flexible than you may recognize.

TAURUS (Apr 21-May 21)
You are starting to know your own mind, and it is coming with an echo of knowing your soul. Like many things we apprehend in the world, this gift is born of learning to see and feel contrasts. Some kind of polarized situation now appears to be rising like the crest of a wave, and with it you are experiencing a full-on pulse of awareness that may seem like more than you can handle. Yet your own existence is clearly within your capacity to experience it. Your role in your world, your impact on your loved ones and your community, and the value of what you create, are all contained inside you, waiting to be expressed. You are bigger than all the things you do, the ideas you have, and the people you know. You would go a long way toward resolving your obvious insecurities by affirming that you are one person with one set of needs; that you have one life and are one self, not two, nor one divided.

GEMINI (May 22-June 22)
Breakthroughs such as you have just experienced require sustained effort to show their true and, in a sense, inevitable results. A revelation is a beginning, typically the easiest part of the process of change despite the long efforts and preparation that may have led to it. All that effort and imagining is now like compost from which the new growth in this new season of your life will draw its nourishment. The old structures are gone, as are many of the old agendas. Most of all, you can let go of the perspectives that, even as you cherished them, seemed to lead you nowhere and reveal very little that was true. If this breakthrough means anything, it is mainly that your awareness has shifted such that you can see a larger world around you and where you fit into it. Oddly, we rarely regard “the world” as a creative process, and our place in it as something we make with our imagination and feed every day not just with our dreams, but with our life force.

CANCER (June 23-July 23)
At the heart of the matter is your heart. This heart of yours is an open book, an unfinished story, and an echo of the future. The challenge of your charts at the moment is just how distant that echo seems, and how far you must reach to get there. Yet today, you know something that you did not know just a little while ago. That information, while far from bestowing certainty and permanence in the onrush of time, can, if you allow it, add a feeling of sanity to your experience of life. Let it remind you that the world can reach back to you, despite distance, differences in values, and the seeming consequences of our most careful plans. You are a sensitive person, which is to say you are aware of your own sensitivity. If you will do your best to extend that to others, bearing in mind how fragile they feel to themselves, you will discover yourself living in a saner world, one more responsive to your needs, and more beautiful to look at.

LEO (July 24-August 23)
The stress of your current predicament is partially real but for the most part psychological. In other words, your perceptions are leading the way as a kind of mental trip, and just beneath that is the story of the turning point you’re now experiencing. That being said, your thoughts are offering a map; you can use them to assess what you want and do not want. You need look no further than your parents for clues about some of your missing emotional pieces, the ones you are putting so much effort into retrieving and arranging in their proper places. I suggest you work with their perceptions of what it meant to be secure, and what they insisted that you needed to do in order to have a piece of the rock. You do seem to be seeking safety above all else, but to be meaningful, that must be more than a feeling and deeper than an emotion. Safety requires faith, which often seems to be a rare talent distributed by cosmic lottery. But faith, as you know, takes practice.


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