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Mars-Saturn: The Slow, Steady Burn


Dan Sternstein and friends outside BSP Lounge in Uptown Kingston. - ERIC FRANCIS COPPOLINO
  • Eric Francis Coppolino
  • Dan Sternstein and friends outside BSP Lounge in Uptown Kingston.

The Virgo New Moon was exact Thursday at 9:44 a.m. EDT. That's a conjunction of the Moon and Sun in Virgo. This New Moon stands out because it's the last New Moon before the equinox, and it stands out because it's opposite Chiron.

On one level this chart contrasts fact and imagination; mental experience and emotional experience. It points to the need to balance the two sides of the Virgo-Pisces equation. This translates to keeping a mental perspective on your emotions. This can be challenging in a world where we're taught to emote in all directions rather than to think in any one direction, though it'll be worth rising to the occasion.

In the background of the current astrology is an aspect that's developing—Mars square Saturn. While this aspect is exact early next week, we are under its influence now. It contrasts the fiery passion of Mars in Leo with the chillier, potentially stuck quality of Saturn in Leo.

This will likely experienced as some form of pressure or drive. It might be emotional pressure, such as experiencing the effects of emotions and desire you've denied; it might be creative drive, such as a push to express an idea or bring to completion a project that you started a while ago.

The key to this aspect is the slow, steady burn. Don't try to storm the mountain or demolish all your inhibitions at once. Take them one at a time; approach your feelings gently, or at least as gently as you can. If you push too hard, you run the risk of burning out. If you don't apply enough heat and pressure, your energy could fizzle out.

Mars in Leo encountering Saturn in Scorpio is calling for a conscious blend of yin and yang, of assertive change and voluntary letting go of what is blocking your progress.

As this develops, on Friday the Moon ingresses Libra; on Monday, Mercury follows suit. Anything that ingresses Libra (as the Sun will soon do) gets involved with the longstanding Uranus-Pluto square and will come with events that reveal deeper facets of the times in which we're living.

For those following the situation in Syria, Mercury ingressing Libra is a sign of 'news about diplomacy'. But Mercury makes a series of surprising moves over the next week, as it passes through the Jupiter-Urananus-Pluto configuration. That means agreements made now will be subject to some radical revisions over the coming days.

One last astrology item. The Moon eclipses Venus in Libra Sunday. There's something here about sussing out the difference between desire and need. If you find yourself in a discussion on the emotional content of a relationship, that would be a topic to focus.

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