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Mars in Cancer and the Grand Water Trine


Last Updated: 07/10/2013 4:30 pm
The water wall at Gurney’s in Montauk, NY.
  • Eric Francis Coppolino
  • The water wall at Gurney’s in Montauk, NY.

Planets are concentrating in the water signs. At the moment we have Mercury and Jupiter (plus the Sun) in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Chiron plus Neptune in Pisces. There's an odd point called the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, along with the North Node of the Moon in Scorpio.

And that's not all—later in the year, the next solar eclipse is going to be in Scorpio, as will the next Mercury retrograde.

This is a very watery extended moment; it's truly unusual to have this much in the water signs, and nothing like it has happened for many years. I cannot think of a time since being an astrologer when so many slow-moving planets have been in the water signs at the same time.

Starting Saturday, we can add Mars in Cancer to the collection. This adds some substantial heat, energy and emotion (energy in motion) to the grand water trine; it's a factor likely to make the aspect pattern a much more noticeable presence.

Mars will emphasize the other water planets; they will provide a resonance field for Mars to have its effects. In the sign Cancer, we embark immediately on questions of whether we feel safe or secure. True, those have been present to some extent with Mercury and Jupiter in Cancer, but Mars really pushes the question.

We do a lot of what we do supposedly to make ourselves feel safer. Yet no matter how many locks you have on your door, passwords on your computer, Net Nannies guarding your children from the dangers of the Internet, air bags, organic food, extra insurance and floating airline seats, do we really feel any safer?

Mars is going to stir the pot on the question of whether you feel safe. This is a complicated question in our time of history, with the planet rigged with nuclear bombs, pesticides sprayed on our foods and continual reminders that the economy is a house of cards held up mainly by credit. The question of safety is really an interior one; it's a matter between you and yourself.

The theme of relationships comes into the picture. In December, Mars enters Libra, and through much of 2014, Mars will be retrograde in that sign—focusing many questions on how we relate to others and whether we feel safe with them. Between now and August, Mars will be making a square to the degrees in Libra where the retrograde will happen—so we will get a preview.

Mars will make a series of aspects this summer, starting Saturday, that are similar to what we will experience when Mars is in Libra. The main difference is that now, we get to take the questions in the most personal way; with Mars in Libra they will manifest in interpersonal or relational ways.

This will be a time to do the inner work to sort out your deeper questions about what makes you feel safe and what threatens you. It's an excellent time to notice all the ways you do things to feel safer that really get you nowhere—and the approaches to feeling secure that you don't usually opt for.

This includes who you choose to relate to, who you choose to live with, and why.

Simply stated, you will notice things under this transit; small details will emerge in larger form; subtle fears will rise up and show you what they are. In my reading of the charts, these include the fear of being sincere, and not knowing what to do when others are sincere.

In this week's edition of Planet Waves FM I've covered the ideas of Fritz Perls and his equivalent in astrology, the Lilith archetype. You can listen to that free at this link.

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