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Many Blessings: Your Thanksgiving Astrology


Photo by Amanda Painter
  • Photo by Amanda Painter

Dear Chronogram Reader:

Have you been thinking deeply about all the things you’re grateful for, or are you stressing out about getting all the cooking done? Or perhaps you’re feeling a little anxious or hesitant about gathering with extended family so soon after a contentious election? Then again, you might be facing the prospect of isolation this week, which can carry its own version of emotional stress.

If that last statement applies to you, and if you do not wish to be alone, I’d encourage you to reach out. Whether that means you try to connect with estranged family, offer an invitation to a neighbor, or contact a local church or food bank (to volunteer or simply to attend their dinner), please know there are many ways to avoid isolation. Yes, it can feel awkward; perhaps downright embarrassing (and for this reason, if you know someone who might be alone, consider extending them an invitation). But the astrology of this week, as I read it, points overwhelmingly to an air of generosity, inclusion and an ability to shift what might feel stuck.

Top of that list is the Sun in Sagittarius as of Monday afternoon, possibly making a breath of optimism more palpable. You also might find yourself feeling a little more adventurous, or willing to visit someplace new (or just a new menu). Maybe you’re feeling even more conviction in your humanitarian beliefs, and a desire to further them.

Depending on how focused you get on feeling ‘righteous’, and how deeply your buttons get pushed at the dinner table, the conviction of certain beliefs (such as political or religious) could call for some tempering. The Sun will be square centaur planet Nessus on Thanksgiving. This suggests it would be wise to stay aware of any inner tension you feel around old and difficult emotional patterns that run through your family.

Nessus belongs to a class of objects that, in astrology, are known for making us aware of psychological legacies we can now begin to heal. That probably sounds more complicated and uncomfortable than it has to be, given that the Sun is in Sagittarius. What I see here is an enhanced ability to take the high road—and a productive road—if you encounter or anticipate any triggering familial patterns.

The very fact that you are aware of the dynamic means that you have the power to do several things: refuse to engage with it, through breezy detachment or humor; employ any tools you’ve learned in therapy in combination with the Golden Rule to process your emotions on the fly and rise above any provocation. You could also stand firm in your convictions and clear the air on situations that might escalate—including within yourself—by speaking your thoughts precisely, clearly and directly. After all, one key phrase of Nessus is ‘stopping the buck.'

Meanwhile, Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn offers a boost to your ambition to achieve, rebuild or improve. Whether you apply that energy to improving a favorite Thanksgiving recipe or rebuilding your whole approach to this holiday, you should be able to make some progress. Yes, there’s always resistance to change; but since that is nothing new, simply remember to acknowledge that you’ve heard any objections. Maybe offer your ‘improvements’ as a temporary experiment.

But what is most encouraging about the Thanksgiving astrology this year has to do with Venus and the Moon. Venus will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and square Jupiter in Libra; the Moon will be passing through Libra, including a conjunction to Jupiter in the evening.

While you might notice some emotional intensity ‘behind the scenes’ (especially if you have the hots for anybody at the dinner table—or at any ‘post-family’ gathering), the general atmosphere looks to be one of wanting to keep harmony, balance and beauty central to events. The Moon plus Jupiter in Libra highlights generosity, good feelings and an ability to tolerate petty irritations. Offering kindness is even more likely today to generate kindness in return.

Venus square Jupiter will be enhancing this effect, thought it does caution against overeating and drinking too much. Black Friday note: if you go shopping Friday, stick to a planned list. The urge might be to go for full-on luxury, so figure out ahead of time what counts as an investment and proceed with discipline; emotional impulse buying could prove problematic.

No matter what the astrology looks like on Thanksgiving, opening your heart in gratitude and letting everyone you come into contact with know what you appreciate about them is always sound guidance. May your week be filled with unexpected blessings, both given and received.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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