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Loving the Transitions, Eclipse-Style


Evidence of the Valentine’s Day Bandit flies atop the Portland Observatory, Portland, Maine. - AMANDA PAINTER
  • Amanda Painter
  • Evidence of the Valentine’s Day Bandit flies atop the Portland Observatory, Portland, Maine.

We’re in an interesting transitional phase, astrologically speaking. You might be feeling it as edginess, or as potential, or as a fear of change, or as an eagerness to move into some new direction in your life. It’s possible you’re witnessing the cultural and political transitions around you and are desperately wondering how your otherwise simple, everyday existence fits into that.

Only you can truly answer that question for yourself, but there are a few interconnected astrological factors right now that could help you get pointed in the right direction. The first is that the Sun is in the final degrees of Aquarius; it will enter Pisces on Saturday at 6:31 am EST.

Before that happens, however, the Aquarius Sun makes an interesting, possibly subtle and potentially useful aspect (a sextile) to a rather notorious centaur planet: Pholus in Sagittarius. Pholus is the one associated with runaway chain reactions. Normally that is something to be avoided; however, there are times when it can be very helpful for a seemingly small cause to have a big effect.

Now, for example, might be one of those times.

I say that because we’re right about at the midpoint between eclipses. Saturday afternoon, about six hours after the Sun enters Pisces, the Moon will enter Sagittarius. Roughly 45 minutes later, it will square the Pisces Sun for the lunar last quarter. The last quarter happens halfway between a Full Moon and the next New Moon. In this case, last week’s Full Moon was also a penumbral lunar eclipse; and the February 26 New Moon will be a partial solar eclipse.

"Eclipse zones" tend to be phases of time when you can get a leg-up on shifting some facet of your life. This might involve beginning something new or refocusing on moving toward something; you also might feel compelled to release or move away from something. Chances are those two "opposite" urges will work in tandem in some way.

Overall, it’s an excellent time to put energy into establishing new patterns in your life. If you’re not entirely sure how to go about that, try focusing on things you truly love to do or have a strong desire to experience more of in the coming months. In this instance, ‘focusing’ ideally means taking some kind of tangible action.

As you do that, you may find that what needs to be released falls by the wayside a little easier; sometimes getting too focused on what we think we need to leave behind has a way of kicking up extra resistance and fear. So try beginning with what brings you joy or piques your curiosity and sense of adventure.

If you need a little inspiration, remember that the Sun in Aquarius makes a sextile to Pholus tomorrow. It could be that a small step is all you need to make, but you do indeed need to make it to activate the energy.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that ‘transformation’ has to mean big, dramatic, sudden change. It can seem that way from the outside when you witness someone acting on desires you never knew they had. But chances are they’d been cultivating and incubating their new direction for quite a while.

After all, to us it seems dramatic to see a butterfly emerge from what had appeared to be an inanimate object. To the butterfly, however, its entire life of being a leaf-munching caterpillar—and its shape-shifting, molecule-rearranging "dormancy" as a chrysalis—were all leading up to this moment. Sometimes you make noticeable changes on the outside; sometimes the biggest shifts occur on the inside—to your perspective, self-understanding and self-esteem. All of it leads further along a path only you can travel in your unique way.

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