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(September 22-October 23)


Let this be the year you succeed at not making the same mistakes as in the past. Mistakes are excellent learning laboratories, though for that purpose, usually one or two tries is sufficient. This is your time to learn from past errors in judgment or less-than-careful decisions, whether they happened recently or in the distant past. Mars in your sign for most of the year will give you plenty of opportunities to review; so too will the retrograde of Venus that began recently. So much historical data may be bubbling to the surface that you may be overwhelmed. But it's all going to boil down to one thing, which is how you make decisions. I am familiar with the special struggle that many born under your sign personally describe. It's not that you don't make up your mind; it's about how you hesitate before doing so. That hesitation is different than considering the factors involved in a particular choice. These days, you're likely to be pushed in some direction by circumstances or by someone close to you if you don't choose a direction of your own. Though this may temporarily relieve the burden of making the decision, it doesn't take away responsibility for the consequences. You know what is right for you. You always have and you always will. Trust that.

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