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September 22-October 23


Last Updated: 08/01/2013 10:42 am

If you recognized that you don't have to go it alone, you would feel a lot better and your life would be easier. This transformation would happen without much fuss, and the results would be easy to see. It's true that you are subject to forces outside your ability to control them, and lately you've really been feeling this. You may also be questioning whether there is any solid ground to stand on. Then the sensation that you have to do it all yourself—endure everything and live in a world where people don't understand you—just feeds on itself. Shift the dynamic by taking the initiative and gathering people to whom you relate. Take that one risk. Reach out to others who you've noticed have some similar values or ideas, or who reach you with their positive ideas. As you do this, you'll begin to realize how influential you are. You don't want power; you want the ability to connect with others in ways that are meaningful, to share ideas, and to experience the pleasure of common ground. You may feel like you're miles away from such a space, when in truth you're much closer than you think. All you need to do is stop waiting for something positive to happen and recognize that you're the attracting force. You're the one who will set into motion the changes you want to see and experience.

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