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For April 2012



Libra (September 22-October 23)
One thing you’ve likely discovered is that no matter how strange life gets, or how unpredictable, you’re standing on a solid foundation. Though this theme is emphasized now, I trust that it’s a gift you’ll take with you even as one phase of planetary history melts into the next, and the next. Yet what is strong can always be stronger; what functions well can always be refined. That’s the theme of the season that’s just begun, and that will arrive with some of the most interesting developments for many years. All eyes will be on Venus, the planet that represents you in your own chart. You are on a quest that involves assembling the different elements of what seem to be competing visions for yourself. The coming astrology, as it influences you and all things Libran, is so astonishing I am reticent to make any predictions—except I can offer a couple of thoughts. One is that elements of life, and your ideas about life, that you thought had to compete with one another, actually support one another. You can let go of many “either/or” types of equations; they are simply no longer valid. Yet as you transition from that as an idea to that as a fact of your life, a kind of miracle happens. Many other nagging issues resolve themselves. You will redefine your notion of what a problem is to the point where you recognize you have exceedingly few of them—or maybe none at all.

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