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For April 2011


Libra (September 22-October 23)
I suggest you politely sidestep any dramas that arise in your personal life, particularly if they don’t directly involve you. Someone close to you appears to be going through some rapid changes, and instead of becoming overly invested in whatever is happening, the whole situation would be better supported if you did something like keep hot food on the stove. That said, there may be something deeply personally relevant, such as a new meeting or a current relationship taking a kind of quantum leap. You may discover how you really feel about someone—which, of course, you already knew, but now seem like you might act on suddenly—or that you might respond to in light of someone else making their feelings known to you. I suggest you put the whole situation in slow mode. By slow I don’t mean years, I mean weeks or maybe a month. You’re going to learn a lot about the people in your life in the coming season. You’re getting this information so that you may use it and benefit from it. I suggest you really, truly listen to what people say to you. They might say things that they don’t notice but which you really need to hear. That will clue you into the level beneath appearances. Listen to what people say about their plans and their intentions. Look at the choices they make. Then once you have all the data, make your own decisions.

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