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For March 2011


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Libra (September 22-October 23)
There are many aspects to sex, including two essential ones that are usually forgotten or pushed back beneath the water—the reproductive part and the dark side. You like sex to be interesting, with some ideas behind it. I assure you these things, though typically avoided, certainly are. You may find the deepest core of your pleasure right in what you or others shun the most. You’re also likely to discover the things that have in the past seemed to take your most daring pleasure from you, or souring it when you get what you want. If you’re able to get as close as you are, you certainly deserve to get the rest of the way. My suggestion is that you move your emotions, fantasies, and experiences into the emotional and physical material you are the most embarrassed by, or avoid the most. Embarrassment is a veil that conceals something you’ve been striving to understand. On one level it says “Turn back,” yet, experienced another way, there’s a distinct lure, and that has a purpose of both healing and pleasure. These are closely related in a culture where we always seem to be claiming back something that was taken from us following a larger agenda. There are things that you may feel or experience that you want to share with others. I suggest you do so judiciously, and initially invest in finding out what people know rather than telling them what you know.

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