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For August 2012


Last Updated: 01/29/2019 6:12 pm
Libra (September 22-October 23)
When the time comes to break free from your shell, do it gently. Given the astrology of the past month—particularly, Mars in your sign after spending eight months in one of the most introspective angles of your chart—you seem determined to not just think independently but be independent. Yet, going back longer than this, you’ve been struggling with the authority principle: You simply don’t want other people setting your limits, telling you what to do, or rearranging your boundaries for you. And, after spending a lot of time dealing with various shades of lurking fear, you’ve started to adjust the circumstances in your life to reflect this basic truth. As the astrology of August develops, you’ll discover that you’re not done making changes—though as you consider your situation, I suggest you reflect on two things. One is the extent to which you’re adjusting your inner psychological and emotional landscape rather than the world around you. You’re in a challenging maturing process that, at the moment, is compelling you to see that in truth you live your life from the inside out. It’s not always so obvious and there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary, though as you strive to set yourself free from someone or something, remember that most of what you’re liberating yourself from is from you. Second idea—that something is a past concept of who you are. The past is gone, though now you’re finally challenging one of its most enduring emotional artifacts.

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