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Libra | Hudson Valley Horoscope August 2018


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You’re almost through the interminable doldrums. You’re reenergized as your ruling planet Venus comes home to Libra on August 6. Prepare to shock and surprise yourself when Venus conjuncts unpredictable Uranus in sensual Taurus (the “other” Venus-ruled sign) on August 9 by finding yourself attracted to someone significantly different from your regular cup of relationship tea. “Different” in this case may range from pleasantly unique to downright weird. Will you astonish yourself by discovering that the erratic can also be the erotic? Give yourself permission to experience sparks of chaotic joy outside your usual strict parameters of Libra’s beauty-conscious status quo. Normally you shy away from the prominent feet of clay a real-life human partner exhibits, preferring rose-colored glasses, or hiding from imperfections (your own included). August gives you the chance to find pleasure in the earthy and the real, rather than the untouchable ideal—both in yourself and your partner.


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