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Libra Horoscope for December 2017



LIBRA (September 23-October 23)

Self-esteem is among the most critical problems in our society. Once a person has enough to eat, a dry roof, and is not debilitated by illness, self-esteem is the usual issue. It manifests countless ways. For Libra, one place we look for information is the sign immediately after yours, Scorpio (this will work for any sign). Scorpio is the constantly simmering, sometimes seething, pot of transformation. Its work is never done, and there would seem to be no solid ground. It may be difficult to orient yourself on the matter of how to feel good about yourself; where, exactly, to place the locus of your self-respect. Your astrology has some suggestions. What makes you feel good? What do you want the most? What is interesting to you? Follow your inner attractions and navigate to your inner being who is turned on by existence. Some of the things you like might not be considered acceptable or appropriate by others. Some might seem excessive. You might revel in a kind of ambiguity that’s essential to giving up one form and emerging as another. To really feel good about yourself, ride this process of dissolving and recreating yourself, and feel the pleasure of doing so. You’re not a static entity. You have the power to be compatible with nearly anything or anyone—almost at any time.

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