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Libra for March 2016

Libra (September 22-October 23)


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Put your health and wellbeing first, and all else will flow from there. There are, to be sure, times a person's gotta do what they gotta do—such as when duty calls. But this is theoretical if you lack the power to respond fully, and that is what I suggest you preserve and cultivate. You are sensitive right now; your emotions and the health of your body are more closely linked than ever. It's for this reason that I suggest you tend to the needs of your body—for nourishment, water, rest and, most of all, pleasure. You have a lot to do; the environment in which you must perform has many variables, some of which have not manifested yet. Yet you can rise not just to the occasion of your circumstances but also to the occasion of your purpose. You are closer now to that purpose than you've been in a long time, despite the sensation that it's difficult to grasp. The purpose of all your creativity is to develop your own original existence. Categories like art, work, personal, business, home, office, artist, craftsman and many others are blurred in your life to the point of being meaningless. You get to explore all of these things and develop them in ways that suit the purposes that you decide are valid. You are creator and created; be bold and loving as you may.


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