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Libra for February 2015


Last Updated: 02/03/2015 3:53 pm
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So much of some things, so little of some others. The odd bit is how fast the proportions change, never seeming to find equilibrium. You are often able to get closer to a stable place by being willing to give up certain experiences, even ones you love the most, by reminding yourself it's only temporary. You're not the only one going through this; the entire society around you, and your community on every level, is on this wild ride of nothing ever stabilizing. You, at least, are experiencing a conscious overflow in many areas of your life. Right now you have some incredible wealth in a dimension where many people feel the most frustration: meaning. In fact you have so much meaning that you may take it for granted. You may think it's just weird when people relate to you the ways they feel that they exist without purpose. Rather than wonder, go directly to relating to others on the level where every detail of life has inherent value. What you may recognize as particularly insane is that the greatest shortages seem to occur relating to love and work—potentially the two most fulfilling areas of life that there are. Love often relates back to sex, and work relates back to creativity. That is the direction to guide things, closer to the original impulse that grows the whole garden.


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