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Libra for December 2014



Libra (September 22-October 23)

We all live in "the environment," which we usually think of as the air, the water, the neighborhood, the cityscape, or some other external factor. You're about to be taken on a journey through your mental environment. You will have the option and the ability to see how real, or unreal, it is. Yet real or unreal is not the actual dilemma. The dilemma is the relationship between inner and outer. To what extent is your inner environment influencing or even controlling your perception? The boundary between inner and outer may seem extremely thin at times, and at others it may seem like it's as wide as a canyon. The thing to do, while you have an excellent opportunity, is to experiment. Is it really true that when you smile, the world smiles with you? Is it true that when you're feeling depressed, you cannot tune into happiness in a sincere way? How powerful is the mental filter? This question matters a lot, because if the answer is "It controls everything else," then you may decide that you need to learn how to master this element of yourself. Or at least, you may decide that you need to master the art of exploring your own mental environment. Events over the next few weeks will facilitate that, as long as you remember that everything you perceive is not necessarily what it seems to be.


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