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Libra for August 2017


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LIBRA (September 23-October 23)

There are moments when your potential feels like pretty balloons floating in the air, and there are those times it feels as if you're in four-wheel drive. You have traction now; you have ideas about what you want to do; and you have an unusually strong sense of who you are. Yet you may also feel locked into something that you don't see a way out of—or you may live with this feeling silently, below the level of full awareness. So let's start with that: in what ways are you stuck in a pattern, and in what ways does that prevent you from living the way you want, or doing what you want? It's rare that people abandon what they are doing to pursue something else. It's more often true that, step by step, we convert aspects of our lives to a new purpose. You might cut off cable TV so you have more time to practice music, cultivate a talent or learn a skill. You might clear out a room that's under-utilized and devote it to a new purpose. You might spend less idle time with friends, and instead choose to associate with people who share a common purpose and commitment. In sum, you must make every moment, every hour and every day count for its full value. Time is your most precious resource.


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