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Libra for April 2016

Libra (September 22-October 23)


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Instead of wishing that life was not so confrontational, you might consider rising to the occasion. This will be easier than you think, especially if you consider that you're playing for the same team as most of the people around you. Rather than invoking an "us and them" kind of response, you might consider everyone "us" and see how that works. What might seem strange is how self-focused people around you are, up to the point where many ordinary aspects of life can seem competitive. One reason people choose to play this kind of game is because it's more fun, or seems so. Who really wants to play softball if one team doesn't get to win? Yet few people understand the nature of cooperative games. I would propose that the most significant game going on in your environment (mental and physical) is about figuring out who you are, and understanding your identity, without the need to resort to any form of aggressive confrontation. You would be the likely person in your environment to offer that idea through your example. Some people may understand this one if you offer it in theory, though figuring out and demonstrating what Germaine Greer called "the trick of cooperation" will work a lot better. Note that this would involve cooperating even with people you don't like; but that's the whole point, isn't it?


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