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Libra: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for March 2018


Last Updated: 03/01/2018 9:21 am

LIBRA (September 23–October 23)

From now through the equinox on March 20, the energy shifts from Pisces to Aries. That's another way of saying that before long, a whole bunch of planets get in your face—one way to think of your opposite sign (Libra and Aries face one another). While yours is one of the least confrontational signs, you'll need to rise to the occasion of these transits, and meet the world with some energy—and with some faith in your ability to make decisions. You have your options open, which means the necessity to choose from among them, and that's where you might have a potential concern. First, embrace the possibility that when you make decisions, you also make some mistakes. If you set a policy of always being right (or worse, perfect), that translates to being paralyzed. Also, it's time to confront some unresolved family matters that are influencing your intimate relationships. While you cannot live like it's 1950 where your mating rituals are concerned, our current context gives us very little to go by in terms of guidance or wisdom. Much that's considered cool and modern is connected to marketing and political agendas. Your intimate life is about neither. These agendas drive wedges between people, and emphasize differences. You need contact, which is about embracing similarity. We are not so different after all.

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