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To the Editor:
I saw in Jason Stern’s “Esteemed Reader” column this month [03/07] that he mentioned your company’s commitment to “environmental stewardship.”

I would hope that might include an article soon on the plan to build what is being billed as “a fourth major New York City airport in the Hudson Valley” at Stewart Airport. As a refugee from a Rockaway, Queens, community that got the brunt of JFK’s 1000+ flights a day, I can tell you that this will be the worst environmental impact ever to hit the Hudson Valley. You just have to look up in the sky every day to see the long plane contrails to see that we are already heavily impacted by New York City metro area airports.

If the Port Authority gets hold of Stewart to use it, as I believe it will, as a heavily night-operating air-cargo hub, it will have major health and sleep impacts on us.

I was surprised to see in Jason Stern’s column this month that he talked about business mixers instead of your usual quest for truth and achievement of satori. I was disappointed. I really think you should keep your business success, which you have already obviously achieved, secondary, and get back to environmental stewardship and enlightenment.

Bill Mulcahy, New Paltz
Editor, Aviation Conspiracy Newsletter

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