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Letter to the Editor: My Heroes are the Peacemakers


Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:31 pm
To the Editor:

I was very much taken with Timothy Cahill’s editorial “War Pictures” [Editor’s Journal, September 2007]. I was 10 years old when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and I saw the Second World War as a time of glory. Pilots were my heroes. I followed the war day by day, finding more and more heroes with every radio broadcast and with every movie that I attended. There seemed to be so much good happening in this country. I was young and saw only the good. But I’m 76 years old now and see things much differently, especially after reading Flags of our Fathers, by James Bradley. With that book everything changed for me. My heroes now are the peacemakers, and my wish is that war would be banished forever. I found the September issue of Chronogram (the first that I have seen) to be very interesting. I look forward to seeing many more.

—Bob Styczynski, Latham

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