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The movie was never made, but Darnton’s Neanderthal was an overnight bestseller. He followed it up with three more science-based thrillers, The Experiment, Mind Catcher, and The Darwin Conspiracy. Then he started researching a family memoir about his father’s death in the remote World War II theater of Papua New Guinea. Black & White and Dead All Over “was an avoidance book,” he admits. The opening scene came to him, and he wrote it down “just for fun.” Then he started plotting the rest, and got hooked.

Does the veteran newsman and novelist prefer truth or fiction? John Darnton sits back in his cedar deck chair, surveying the Shawangunk Ridge. “It’s much more satisfying to create something out of whole cloth,” he replies. “And you don’t have to check your quotes.”

  • Jennifer May
  • Jennifer May

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