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Most people are constrained by what they believe is possible, or rather, what they believe is impossible. Over the next few weeks, all of that is about to go pop. Things you never imagined in the realm of possibility will emerge as something you can do right now. Embrace the idea that in truth, anything is possible. You don't even need to "believe" it, or see how you could get there. You must only get out of your own way, and refrain from trying to convince yourself that something cannot be done. Along those lines, it would help if you elected not to subject yourself to the influences of anyone who is telling you what is not possible, particularly if you know they are coming from the place of their own injury. This can be challenging, since so many people think they have a vested interest in convincing others what cannot be done, or protecting them from the possibility that their dreams won't come true. Be mindful of this and learn to recognize this viewpoint when you hear it. Your world is opening up. Your horizons of space and time are widening. Your sense of who you are is arising before your eyes. You need not debate this with yourself; rather, step into the future with calm confidence and you will see that you're standing on solid ground.

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