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You have every advantage leaning in your favor, yet you may still feel insecure. In the past you might have worried about bad things happening, not having enough, or whether you could take care of the people you're responsible for. Insecurity 2.0 is about wondering whether you have what it takes to live up to your own potential. You may feel a sense of promise that life is offering, but you don't know how to manifest it. You may have so many options available that you don't know what to choose—and you know that if you choose them all, you may be spread too thin. Let's go back to the beginning—all those factors working for you, described by the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in your sign (and a spectacular New Moon beginning the Sun's run through Leo). That all points to something new, though I would ask if you're carrying some regret or sense of loss from the past. Are you thinking, "Life cannot be as good as it might have been"? That would fit the scenario. I assure you that it can be, though it will be necessary to call forth some passion and courage from within. This cannot be applied from the outside. It's the part of a goal that has nothing to do with the goal—it has everything to do with you.


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