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For June 2013



Everyone needs a guardian angel, and you have a few. Who are they? People or spiritual entities? You'll know better as you establish a relationship to them. What you may discover is that they're sources of intelligence within yourself—what you may think of as your superconscious awareness. Some call this intuition; that's close enough, though what you have developing now would be a particularly vivid form of it. As the month develops, you may find that this source of knowledge has more to offer you—far more than asking the opinions of others, for example, or watching public trends. Those external sources come with way more uncertainty than you need, and may be a distraction from admitting and acting on what you know to be true. One thing to remember is that your body speaks to you. The feeling you have thinking a thought is as meaningful or more meaningful than the thought itself; that's your confirmation that you are onto something. This may guide you to trust countercurrents that may seem to violate prevailing (supposed) popular wisdom. These same aspects will help ease much of the anxiety you may be feeling, and provide you with a sense of confidence you don't fully understand. That's okay, and you don't need to question it; just appreciate its presence. Whether these are actual angels, mentors or the "better angels of your nature," the thing to do is listen to them, speak to them, and thank them for their assistance. And don't forget to ask when you need help.

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