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For January 2013


Last Updated: 02/25/2019 1:10 pm
One root of the word integrity is in the concept of wholeness, and another line stems from untouched or pure. Yet we have all been touched and none of us are pure in any meaningful sense of the concept. Is it possible for anyone to have their wholeness after having been through as much as we have on Earth? That is your quest. As you reconstruct, recover, or possibly create your wholeness for the first time, you’ll encounter the feeling of being through much that has threatened it. If you know that, you’ll experience an easier and more satisfying journey. Wholeness for you means connecting the person you are on the inside to the person you show the world on the outside. This implies revealing some of what has previously been contained in the shadows, so that you can make peace with it, and have some evidence that you’re loved and lovable despite any perception to the contrary. This is a year when you will be making contact with your deepest sensitivity, and that means bringing your healing process into every aspect of your life. It means recruiting everyone you consider yourself close to as allies, and understanding that there’s a connection between your relationships and how you feel about yourself. Nobody can “make” you feel safe, though people can assault your sense of safety. You need, therefore, to be selective about who you let into your life, and, more precisely, why you invite them into your heart or your home.

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