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For March 2011


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Leo (July 22-August 23)
Make a list of the places you want to go, and pick the one you want to visit the very most. Choose a time, research the location, figure out the best places to stay (or find people you can stay with), and go. One journey will lead to another, which will lead to a new concept of who you are. You may have traveled for growth and adventure in the past—you have the “find yourself on the road” kind of chart. Now you’re in a “find yourself on the road” time of life. If you do want to travel, there is something to be said for doing so spontaneously. When your life circumstance permits, go where you want to go. If your company reorganizes and you find yourself with your days free, put gas in the car and break out the map—in that order. The adventurous transits that take hold of your awareness have other expressions. One of the most vital is about exploring some field of knowledge that really turns you on. Visit the biggest or, alternately, the most specialized library in your area (a fantastic day trip—go alone). Consider opening your home to a guest from far away; there are programs for doing that, from student exchanges to grownup exchanges. Focusing on travel, knowledge, and meeting even vaguely exotic people will remind you how young you are, why you’re alive, and, moreover, that you’re alive.

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