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For February 2011


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LEO (July 22-August 23)

This is going to be the month you learn to filter your environment and choose selectively where to focus your attention. There is indeed quite a lot to focus on—many people are focused on you, seeking your involvement. Indeed, it would seem that you're simultaneously having every kind of relationship that you can have. You need an organizing principle to sort all of this out—and Chiron entering Pisces suggests that principle is exchange. A "relationship" is one thing; what passes between the people involved—the content of the relationship—is another matter entirely. Therefore, choose on the basis of content. By that I mean what you give and what you receive, who you feel benefits the most, and who is the most inclined to be present when you need them. The few people with whom you have mutual energy are going to stand out. You're not going to have to think about this very hard. Everyone else can wait. That said, there will be people who will strictly be your benefactors. Have no suspicion about this—they are here to provide resources and affirmation. This may be just one person; he or she is asking nothing in return and part of the spiritual exercise for you is to have no sense of obligation. Life is at least long enough that we have the chance to return any sincere favors without worrying about when that might happen.

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