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Leo Horoscope | October 2017



LEO (July 22-August 23)

Your solar chart is all about the theme of what happens close to home. Your community is calling you to invest your energy. Your home is the place to meet people, to share food, and to live your life. And it’s the center of your spiritual life, your personal sanctuary. The world is struggling with whole notion of “local,” and for many people, their home is no longer the central place in their life. Often it would seem there is not one, save for one’s workplace, and that’s not usually a cozy place where people would voluntarily hang out after hours.

This same astrology parallels an emotional and spiritual picture that’s calling for you to take some space to your self and orient on your inner life. One way this appears in your astrology is that Jupiter will soon enter Scorpio, which is your fourth house of your inner life and sense of security. This also covers your home and private spaces. Jupiter’s presence here is about making home, and almost always indicates a time of improvement and investment in your home. Mercury will enter Scorpio at the same time, giving this a personal, immediate and less abstract feeling. There are problems and emotional states that you can address much more effectively by simply being in your home, and doing everything you can to ensure that it’s a place that you feel welcome.

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