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Leo for October 2015



You have the opportunity over the next two months to reorganize and align your finances with your true purpose in life. This is sometimes called integrity. I would second that motion. Along the way to doing this, the details matter—and they matter quite a bit. If you pretend they're not a factor or skip them over, you will get results in the short term but undermine yourself in the long run. What you now have is the potential to establish yourself financially as a well-rooted perennial plant, more like a tree and less like a marigold. As you do this, it's essential that you be mindful of self-limiting ideas and habits. It's true that you're a Leo and that your planet is really the star at the center of the solar system. But you have a way of thinking in miniature. Miniature works just fine as long as it's intended as a test, or as a scale model of something larger. So think in terms of scale, and how you might develop an idea into something that reaches farther and wider than you're accustomed to working. One priority over the next year is going to be improving your income, and you seem strongly inclined to do this on the 'right livelihood' approach to existence. This is possible, though it takes a combination of intelligence, actual thought, courage and action.

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