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Leo for June 2016

Leo (July 22-August 23)


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Most blessings are hidden: We don't notice them. Pay attention; and not only observe but embrace the many offerings existence is holding out to you. First among them is what looks like some burning spiritual thirst or desire. You can count that as a gift because without it, what motivation would you have to seek your deeper truth, embrace your life, or strive for freedom? You may be experiencing an emotional craving for sex that has replaced your previous need to feel safe and secure. Count this as a gift because you're going beyond the need for things to stay as they are, and are becoming willing to challenge yourself and allow your life to change. You may want independence from your family and its drama, which is a gift because you have your own life to live. The essential blessing of this time is the ability to honestly admit what you want, stepping out of any guilt or hang-ups for doing so. This is no small matter, as we live in a time of increasing criminalization of any desire that does not involve your credit card number. You seem ready to burst free from this oppression, though you would be wise to have a plan for what to do with any inner backlash. In this instance, as in most of life, guilt is a sure sign you're doing the right thing.



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