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Leo for February 2015


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It seems that despite an inconvenience or some external need to rearrange your relationships, you're feeling an outpouring of devotion to the people in your life. This is coming along with a sense of blessing, as if something truly unusual is happening to you—something unexpected that you know will change you forever. The most vivid sensation coming through your charts is a kind of abundance. This is rooted on a nonphysical level—what you might call spiritual or perhaps emotional. Yet it's having a way of overflowing into other aspects of your life, such as the seemingly more material ones. A few different equations may be at work—such as when you find out how little you really need, you figure out how much you have. Or when you give of yourself, you can find out how much you have. Or how you will tend to love who and what you take care of, and discover that there is plenty (of whatever) to go around. The idea coming through is that to experience that abundance, you merely need to practice it as a way of life. You may have those moments where you wonder whether that's really true, and when in doubt, test the theory. The proof will come from the experience, and I trust that will be compelling enough to shift your perception of existence.


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