A Doula for All Seasons: Women's Shifting Healthcare Landscape

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Labor of (Self) Love

From fertility and childbirth to end-of-life care, women are supporting women to take charge of their health.



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It was the need for self-care and support that attracted Sherry Graham to Wyld Womyn's grand opening last spring. A case worker in the social services sector who works with at-risk kids and struggling families, Graham (not her real name) immediately began attending the full moon healing circles as well as other events. "As soon as I heard about them I just felt this joy," says Graham, who says she has a tendency to put off self-care. "I went to my first healing circle with a migraine and I felt so cleansed afterwards." Graham notes that the need for, and effectiveness of, "radical doulaing" isn't limited to life's larger and more monumental moments; it's also a powerful antidote for the stress of daily life, especially for women. "It's so easy to get caught up in an ongoing pattern where you have to keep giving and keep going," she says. "This kind of self-care is important to caregivers, people in human service—anyone who is interacting with other humans. But it's really important for women to come together and share support for one another."

"We see you. We hear you," says Cutler, echoing the underlying message she sends to her clients. "Life can be so much sweeter and so much fuller if we can all support each other."


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